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Life was not easy for Liziqi , she was orphaned at a very young age. She once revealed that she moved into her grandfather’s apartment after being abused by her stepmother. Regarding her education, Liziqi was in high school. Due to unexpected circumstances, she decided to drop out from the school. Why is liziqi so popular? Liziqi is popular because of her artistic work ,traditional cooking and creativity she is the well-known Chinese vlogger and YouTuber .She is a Chinese net celebrity, vlogger , and also enterprise tycoon. She was given that popularity for having the maximum subscribers. According to 2022 estimates, Liziqi Net Worth is around $64 million. Li Ziqi, the Chinese meals vlogger, hails from the geographical region in southwest China. She is widely known for her traditional Chinese cooking talents . Li Ziqi, The most famous traditional food vlogger from the Chinese state of Sichuan, uploads videos to YouTube channel and other Chinese online platforms.

She has struggled alone she stood like a rock in opposition to all the hardships. Liziqi has set an idealized standard of living, Her whole adventure taught us to vibe high, and the surrounding magic will unfold. Liziqi is emotionally very connected to her grandparents. She additionally did a few low-stage jobs earlier than vlogging. Today, liziqi is the most followed YouTube personality with 15.6 Million subscribers; what a milestone!


What is the Net Worth of Liziqi?

According to the 2022 estimates, Liziqi month-to-month Earnings are around $6,400,000 – $8,700,000.

Who Is Liziqi?

Liziqi, the most famous Chinese YouTuber, She is a Chinese internet celebrity, and business tycoon.

How Old Liziqi is?

Li, the most famous Chinese YouTuber and vlogger She is 31(Thirty one) years old

 Is LiZiqi Married or not?

There is no information about Liziqi. She is still single.

 How does Liziqi make money?

Promoting income and the sale of items, for example, sauces ,noodles and others grocery items and help her market her work. Most recent evaluations recommend that she procured 6.7 million yuan through YouTube and 336 million yuan from the web based shopping.

Who is the cameramen of liziqi?

Liziqi initiated her career by shooting recordings without help from anyone else until she turned into a brand herself; for a more expert touch, presently she has a gathering of 3 people, an editorial manager, and an individual colleague named Ming Guo.

With whom LiZiqi living?

As shown in the videos Li Ziqi lives with her grandma, Together they live in the countryside of Mianyang in Southwest China’s Sichuan.

Does Liziqi sell her items?

Li Ziqi’s stores aren’t selling food made by Li Ziqi herself. Rather, the store is known for factory producing mode. The food sources are prepackaged, or moment food made by other ordinary food industrial facilities

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